Kuhl Editorial in Messenger-Post

Today's Messenger-Post has an editorial that takes Randy Kuhl to task for distributing a glossy flyer that essentially duplicates information sent by the IRS.  Kuhl has fired back with a press release, taking the M-P to task for some loose wording in the editorial. 

I'll let readers decide whether Kuhl's call on the factual error is right. At best, it's nitpicky.  If the M-P had added one word in the second graph ("probably getting" instead of "getting"), there would be no issue.  Otherwise, I agree with Rochesterturning that this is a well-written editorial that makes a sound basic point:  Kuhl doesn't need to send out an expensive glossy mailer that duplicates an IRS mailer containing the same information. 

Kuhl's stated justification for sending the mailer was that his office received 200 calls in February with questions.  That's a silly reason, since the IRS mailers, which cost taxpayers $42 million, didn't go out until early March.


I guess the only thing Randy Kuhl can now do is to attack the media. Its the attack the messenger routine. However, when the Corning Leader and Star Gazette who have been friendly to him for years will pile on, people will just see desperation.

April 15, will be a real barometer for this campaign. Should Randy not raise that much $$, I wouldn't be shocked for someone to step in and try to take him on in a primary. Rochester TV this October is going to be expensive with 2 open races in the area (Walsh,Reynolds) Randy may not have the $$ to run the proper amount of tv advertising that he should.

My guess is that Randy's in this for good -- he's not dropping out.

If you look at the neighboring races, Republicans are having a hard time attracting candidates. Even if Randy's fundraising is lackluster, it's hard to see where the better candidate will come from.