Massa on Mailers

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader article [pdf] on the Kuhl mailer, in which Eric Massa criticizes Kuhl's mailers as well as the practice of spending money on mailers by members in either party.


Make sure you save this. It will be interesting to see if Eric uses mailers if he gets elected. No excuses will be accepted.

When I was in Louise Slaughter's district, she sent cheap-o mailers that looked like they were straight off a Xerox machine. My guess is that we'll get those if Massa is elected and decides to send mailers.

If he did that, I wouldn't complain, nor would I think he was going back on a pledge. The issue is that Kuhl's slick and redundant mailers are basically high-cost advertising sent at taxpayers' expense.

I think content and not quality is the key

Right, a Xeroxed content-free mailer is almost as bad as a glossy one.

I didn't object to the mailer that Kuhl sent about the switch from analog to digital television signals. I thought that was potentially useful.

I do object to this mailer because it's all about his efforts to take credit for the rebates.

I concur -- it's all about the content.

You know, sad as it is, there are millions and millions of people who don't read blogs, watch the news on Television or read newspapers.

Of course those are the same people who would throw a congressional mailer away without looking at it.

Home much responsibility do we or the government have to keep people informed? And how do you do it for people who just don't care? Is it really important to get people to register to vote, when they haven't shown the initiative to register or to be informed? Before anyone jumps, I have no problem with driving people to the polls that want to vote and are informed but don't have a vehicle or are too old to drive.

Elmer, I think that once people start voting, they have more of an incentive to keep informed. When people feel they have no stake in the process, it's that much easier to ignore it.

Exile - good point

I did not get a Randy mailer. I live in Yates County, I have had letters published in the papers against Rep. Kuhl's actions. He knows me by name at the Town Meetings. I donate to Massa. He knows that I will not vote for him. I guess he doesn't care if I understand about the tax rebate or not.

Rich, I didn't get one either. I don't know if it's something to do with the way bulk mail is processed, or if it is intentional.

Maybe he knows that people who didn't vote for him are smart enough to figure it out on their own.

"Maybe he knows that people who didn't vote for him are smart enough to figure it out on their own"

Exile - that was a low blow :)

Exile - that was a low blow :)

Yeah, I know, it was cheap shot. But I couldn't resist.