Noon Roundup

Rochesterturning has a Massa press conference writeup, which details how Massa got rid of his Spitzer bumper sticker, and more importantly, Massa's view that Admiral Fallon was fired.

RT also reports that Massa has made the DCCC "Red to Blue" list, meaning that the race in the 29th is considered a likely Democratic turnover and will get extra DCCC money and attention.


It is ironic that Massa reminds me of Spitzer - not the Spitzer with the escorts, but the Spitzer who was Attorney General and took firm stands for what he felt was right.

Watching him, and comparing him to friends that served in the military, I see a sense of honor and commitment that isn't always there in politicians.

"My prayers are with David, he’s a personal friend. He’s a man who listens, much like Lyndon Baines Johnson was able to get done what JFK couldn’t get done."

Besides not knowing what the hell he's talking about, it's kind of funny that he calls a blind man a 'man who listens'...

Erika, what exactly are you getting at? Johnson carried out a lot of the social legislation plans Kennedy left behind. Would you have preferred he said Paterson is a man who can see? Your attacks are without substance and, like many, seem to be another desperate stretch to attack Massa during Spitzer's implosion.

The right is trying to turn this issue into a witch hunt as usual. Nobody was blaming Randy Kuhl for David Vitter or Larry Craig.

Hey, Erika, thanks for taking time from your busy day working in DC to stop by. You must have been too busy at your day job to see these other stories about Patterson:

"He is considered to be a good listener, some say due to his blindness, and memorises his speeches." -- AFP

"He is a good listener, and I believe that he will be a very competent governor," Koch says -- NPR

Also, the JFK/LBJ analogy refers to LBJ's long tenure and respect in the House and Senate (as majority leader), which helped him move legislation that was proposed by JFK. Seems like an apt analogy to me, since Patterson has a long history of respect from his time in the NYS Senate, where he was minority leader and respected by both sides of the aisle.

So who doesn't know what they're talking about?

Whoa, relax guys. Thought it was amusing to point out that he's a good listener. Of course he is. Not really an "attack" Zabriskie... although now that you bring it up, Massa repeatedly tried to tie Mark Foley to Randy Kuhl although the two had never had any interaction. So if they're trying to tie Massa to Spitzer who have been seen hugging in public, then so be it. When you live by the sword...

As for Johnson, just amazed that Massa's a big fan. There was this little thing called Vietnam that I figured he would have an issue with.

Do you guys all have posters of Massa up in your rooms?

The issue with the Foley scandal, which you well know since you're in DC, was that it involved the abuse of power and position by Foley to prey on teenage pages, and that the Republican leadership knew about it and chose to do nothing.

It's amazing to me that multiple Republicans have been mentioning the Foley matter, which was a major factor in the Republican loss last cycle. I would have thought you guys might feel that it wasn't your party's finest hour.

Rotten - do you have a Massa poster in your bedroom? :)

Elmer - No posters, but I have a bottle of scotch in my nightstand.

Erika, you're wasting your time. Whatever PR firm hired you is not getting its money worth out of this.

Personally, I don't have a huge problem with hired guns in comment threads as long as they make some effort to disguise themselves. But just popping in from DC with an obvious hired gun shtick is weak and annoying.

Exile, it amusing how you speak like you know something, but really don't know anything! Sounds a lot like your candidate Massa. I have never worked for a PR firm in my life! I am a voting service member of the United States military with my home of record in the 29th District of New York, and would love to see Massa lose the next election, again. And do you know who Elmer is, Exile?

Erika, all I know about you is that you always post from the DC area.