Evening News

Randy Kuhl's new office hours made the Messenger-Post.  According to Brian Roth's story, the Kuhl meetings are all 30 minutes long.  This is another reduction.  Last year, his meetings in larger towns lasted for an hour.

The Iraq withdrawal plan backed by Eric Massa and other candidates is getting a lot of positive press.  Here's an example from the New Republic:

"A Responsible Plan" represents a welcome shift for the party not just in vision, but in substance. Admittedly, the immediate strategy that it outlines for Iraq is standard Democratic fare. It calls for a drawdown of American forces and a focus on a diplomatic and political solution. But while too many Democratic plans zero in on the troop drawdown, the "Responsible Plan"'s emphasis is on what Congress can reasonably achieve: namely, economic, political, and humanitarian steps necessary to manage the situation in Iraq as American forces leave.
In other Massa news, Massa is one of the top fundraisers at Act Blue, which is an online Democratic fundraising clearinghouse.  According to Massa's page, he's raised over a quarter million dollars from over 4,500 supporters.  I assume those numbers are for the cycle, but I'm guessing they indicate that the Massa campaign had a good first quarter.