Gannett Employment Details

Rochesterturning somehow got early news that I'm going to work for Gannett, specifically developing new web properties for the D&C.  Here's a little more information on the projects I'll be starting to revolutionize the use of the Internet in Monroe County:

  • To compete with outlets like Craiglist, which provide a high-quality dating service, we will be launching a dating service for men,  This site will be targeted at the 34-50 year-old male population, who are currently underrepresented on most dating sites.
  • Our research shows that "non-family sites" seem to have a large following on the Internet.  To tap into this fresh, new dynamic, we will be launching and the subsidiary RocPorn properties.  The first site in the group will be, which will target the growing boomer retiree demographic.
  • The startling success of has led us to the logical follow-on site:  Later this year, we'll be sponsoring a Furry Con, and plan to be able to provide live coverage without going undercover.


Congratulations on your new gig. Any plans for ROCInsults and ROCRacists since they also seem to have quite the following? If you look at the per post percentages, those two areas are very representative and therefore could be most lucrative in generating ad revenue. It is a business after all.

Say it ain't so Rotten. You've sold out and gone commercial?
Crapola. Whatever happened to purity? In any event, good fortune.
Wait a minute I didn't mean fortune...I meant good luck.

I'm worried that James Lawrence may feel that RocPorn will contribute to the coarsening of our culture. Maybe you and he can duke it out over this in a few Speaking Out essays.

GA: RocTroll and ROCBitchandMoan are coming to address the same group.

DD: Check the date on the post.

Exile: He's the target audience for RocGrannyPorn, so I think he'll accept it as inevitable progress.

If you could get pictures of a certain older female county executive on RocPorn, Exile and all the guys at RT will purchase a membership.

I don't even want to imagine that for a second. Bleagh.

I was just about to head to lunch. Thanks a lot for that appetizing starter, ElmerK. :oP

Awwww Crap. The date. Damn.

You made my day, Danger Democrat, by falling for it.

Thanks for playing along, Rotten.