Houghton Endorses Kuhl

Randy Kuhl's popular predecessor Amo Houghton, who retired after nine terms, has once again endorsed Kuhl for Congress, according to WETM-TV.  Hougton's take on Kuhl's tenure:  "outstanding".


This despite the fact he's rumored to have recruited others to run against Kuhl in a Republican primary.

Exile - Living here in Corning, I haven't heard that rumor before. Amo actually stops by the shop once in awhile and if I think about it I'll ask him.

It is possible that Massa has done something that Amo didn't like and Amo would endorse anyone running against Massa, but that is purely speculation on my part.

I would assume Amo would endorse Kuhl since Amo's a Republican. But I do doubt he thinks Kuhl's tenure has been outstanding. And I bet he thinks a shiny, new Republican candidate from the Tier (someone from the State Senate or Assembly) would have been a better choice for this election.

That's cool that you run into Amo. I have a lot of respect for him. He's one of three Republicans in the House who voted against the war resolution. He's one of the last of a dying breed -- moderate, independent Republicans. And their disappearance is our loss (even if I don't agree with them on most issues).

Amo no longer has a need to be a loyal Republican, so his endorsing of Kuhl runs deeper than just party lines. My guess is that Amo does not like Massa for whatever reason(s).