Iraq and Seniors

The Massa Campaign sends an article from yesterday's Corning Leader [pdf] that includes Massa's reaction to the Petraeus testimony as well as the Columbian free trade treaty.  Massa's position on Iraq remains unchanged.  He opposes the free trade agreement, which Kuhl supports  Today's Corning Leader [pdf] quotes Randy Kuhl on Iraq.  He says that progress is being made, characterizes the surge as a "success" and touts economic gains.

Randy Kuhl's website has a press release about an event held today at the Pittsford Senior Center.  He appeared with County Executive Maggie Brooks and representatives from the IRS and AARP to emphasize that seniors must file a return to get a stimulus check.  Maggie Brooks has nothing to do with federal taxes, but come April 15, the media is searching for stories on taxes, and this one will probably make the tee vee. (via Rochesterturning)