Morning Media

Reader Elmers sends the Corning Leader's story [pdf] of Massa's request for a debate, as well as Massa's reaction to Kuhl's new office hours.

Here's some more coverage, with pictures, of yesterday's train derailment in Palmyra, courtesy of the D&C.


And it didn't take too long for Kuhl to respond in typical fashion (GateHouse Media via Oswego Palladium Times):

Thanks for the link.

I find his latest excuse, primaries, extremely lame.

Rotten -

I agree with you - poor excuse

I also agree with Kuhl - Eric is just looking for publicity - it is way too early for debates

I agree that Massa's looking for publicity. Typical challenger behavior, and no big deal.

I've seen two responses from Kuhl. The first was a snap-back at Massa, saying that Massa asks for a debate every week. The second was this primary excuse. Neither one of those seemed very good responses. Maybe there isn't a good response, but your response -- it's too early -- is better than any I've heard so far.