The Reason for the Poll Release

The Massa Campaign has a new fundraising letter out, and it contains some information that puts yesterday's NRCC release of an old poll into context.

Roll Call, which is a subscription-only DC paper, has put Randy Kuhl on its its list of 10 most vulnerable Members of Congress. They've also changed the race rating to "toss up" from "Leans Republican". Most pundits still have the 29th race leaning towards Kuhl because of the fundamentals of the district. The new Roll Call rankings say the following about the race:

Although the sprawling district trends Republican in presidential election years, it will be a very competitive race. Despite representing the area in the state Legislature for two dozen years before he was elected in 2004, Kuhl has never built up much goodwill in the district, and his fundraising has been lackluster. Massa is still a little raw, but he’s genuine. Kuhl is in trouble.

According to what little Roll Call lets the unwashed masses read, the release of an old poll by the NRCC is standard operating procedure when a MOC hits the top ten.

The Massa campaign also released a story from Sunday's Corning Leader [pdf] that highlights the change in the race's ranking.


The race will depend on who Massa backs in the general election. He will have to choose between the Democrat Party's Obama or the Independent Party's Clinton. If he backs Obama, all the independents will vote for Clinton and Kuhl.

I believe the spin from the Clinton campaign tonight will be that Hillary's decisive WV win will propel her to the nomination. so no need to wonder about an Independent candidacy.

Also, Kuhl will have to choose between McCain and Bob Barr, who will be the Republican's Ralph Nader this Fall when he runs on the Libertarian ticket. It ain't gonna be pretty.

The Democrats will not turn their backs on Obama - too much to loose in the general election.

Constitutional question - can Bill Clinton run for VP?

I agree on Obama - Clinton is done.

I think Bill could technically run for VP. But now we're in la-la land.

I hope you are right about being in la-la land. If we're not - remember you heard it here first. :)

29% of Democrats favor an independent run for President by Hillary Clinton in a Rasmussen poll released today.

With her ego and drive who knows?