Call of Robotic Origin

I received the following robo-call earlier this week:
Hello, I'm calling from Working Families Win. One million homes are now in foreclosure, the most ever. And the average net worth of American households has fallen by 1.7 trillion dollars. Not billion, that's right, trillion. In spite of this housing crisis, Congressman Randy Kuhl voted against the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act. Meanwhile, Congressman Kuhl continues to ask for contributions from the mortage lending industry, which fed the subprime crisis.

Call Congressman Kuhl at 607-776-9142 and ask him to return the campaign contributions he has taken from the predatory lenders that are killing the American Dream.
Working Families Win is the same group that paid for another robo-call a couple of weeks ago.


Wow, there's a stretch... there's a huge difference between the "mortgage lending industry" and "predatory lending" -- I'd love for them to name a "predatory lender" who's actually given any campaign contributions.

"predatory lending" is a lot more common than you think. Any bank that gives a mortgage to someone who does not have the means to easly pay off that mortgage over time is a "predatory lender". Any bank or lender that offers 5 years of normal payments and them one huge baloon payment for the balance to someone who can't afford it is a predatory lender. Folks that get these loans usually use the mortgage companies attorney and do not understand what they are signing. I know a number of people who will be in very big financial binds in a short number of years unless they can get out from the predatory mortage they signed. And these mortgage companies have names we all know. And they make campaign contributions!