Energy Rumble

The Olean Times-Herald has a story on Randy Kuhl's call for more drilling. It contains an interesting fact: 75% of the calls coming into his office are about gas prices

In addition that facts, Kuhl goes over the same drilling territory he's covered before. He also says that wind and nuclear must be part of the energy solution. That's a difference with Massa, who opposes expansion of nuclear power and has been critical of wind projects in the 29th, where those projects have faced local opposition.

Kuhl also says that Massa's energy plan will raise the price of gas because it raises taxes. He leaves the impression that Massa wants to raise taxes on gas by saying that Massa wants to "raise taxes on a product." Massa wants to raise taxes on oil company profits. It doesn't follow that the price of gas will go up if oil company profits are taxed more than the .28% (that's point 28 percent) they are now.


Massa said:
"I looked at the difference between the cost of a hybrid sedan and a conventional counterpart. It's about $6,000. I propose $3,000 of immediate tax relief to the consumer, and $3,000 to the American manufacturer of every sedan hybrid built in this country. Within 10 years, we could literally replace an entire fleet of conventional automobiles"

He must not be looking around the 29th too much. With mortgage problems, credit card problems and higher gas prices, he'd have to give away $20,000 to most people to put a hybrid in every garage.

I also think that it is shame that he doesn't back nuclear and wind power, much less expanded drilling.

He did say 10 years...even people with credit and mortgage problems get a new (or new used) car every decade or so.