Massa's Petition Effort

Yesterday, at the Pittsford community celebration ("Positively Pittsford"), in addition to a band that played all 70's hits (they definitely brought the funk, let me tell you), there was a little political activity. About a half-dozen Massa volunteers wearing Massa t-shirts were working the crowd handing out glossy information sheets. A couple of the volunteers also had Massa nominating petitions (along with petitions for every candidate on the Democratic ticket).

Other than a couple of judicial candidates, there was no other political activity at this event. I didn't see a single Kuhl sticker, brochure or t-shirt. This was consistent with the Kuhl non-presence at a similar event nearer to the 2006 election.


Congressman Kuhl had no presence at Positively Pittsford aside from being there in person and working the crowd with the town supervisor ...

When? I was there a (seemingly endless) 4+ hours and didn't see Kuhl. Nor did I see a single remnant of Kuhl's visit, e.g., a Kuhl sticker or a Kuhl flyer.

I did see Bill Carpenter and Sandra Zutes.