Money Stories

Reader Elmer sends a story [pdf] about a new federal grant for the Corning/Elmira airport, which was announced by Randy Kuhl.

Kuhl also makes the Wellsville Daily Reporter story about a state loan to fix the Belfast water system.

It's become a custom for the local Member of Congress to announce every federal grant that hits his district, whether or not his office had anything to do with that grant. But the Wellsville Daily Reporter just established a new standard by quoting Kuhl in a story about a state loan, especially since there's no indication that Kuhl was connected to it in any way.


I was curious why Randy's name was mentioned in the state loan article. I found the original news release:

and Randy was mentioned in it.

No idea whether Randy has any connection to the company that put out the release and didn't have time to dig for it.

Wow, good catch, thanks for finding that.

NYSEFC annual report says they are a "pubic benefit" corporation: they issue state bonds, etc. Kuhl is not on their board of directors. However, here's another press release from 2006 where Kuhl presented a check even though he was already in Congress.

The link you provided was for a grant for my town's water system.

I guess it will be better water, but it will cost me an arm and leg to get hooked into the system and then $45 per month. Maybe I can get a grant :)

But I'm sure you'll feel better knowing that some of that $45/mo will be going to pay for a press officer who calls every politician on earth when they put out a press release on their glitzy web site.