Two Gas Stories

The Olean Times-Herald and the Hornell Evening Tribune both have stories based on yesterday's Massa press conference.

Instead of getting a Kuhl reaction, the Olean paper quotes Republican John Peterson, who represents neighboring PA-5. In an interesting contrast with Randy Kuhl, Peterson is apparently running against everyone this election:

In my home state of Pennsylvania, residential utility shut-offs are up 51 percent because of record high energy prices. Yet, while all this is occurring, President Bush and Speaker Pelosi continue to make it illegal to produce energy offshore on the outer continental shelf.

Kuhl calls Massa's plan to limit oil company profits "socialism" in the Evening Trib.


I think the higher that gas prices go, the more vulnerable Democrats will be with their anti-drilling position.

Perhaps. But I think a lot of folks know that oil isn't going to solve our problems long-term. The Republicans aren't offering many long-term solutions that don't involve unrealistic claims about oil.

In general, I think this is going to be an election where people are going to devote some of their time to actually thinking about issues. When some of the crazy claims about the price of gas and new drilling are debunked, people are going to be asking what else the R's have to offer.

Republicans can make a case that the Democrats have no short term strategy other than letting people pay more, and that Democrats will also drag their feet when it comes to nuclear power and the building of more refineries.

First, The oil companies are not exploring or drilling in the areas that they lobbied for and got rights to. Second, ANWR is worth about two cents per gallon on the price of gas, in about eight years, if they were to get the rights today.

Our refineries are now running at only 88% of capacity and the oil companies have said in congressional hearings that they need no more refineries. Bush's solution and that of the Republicans is more refineries and more drilling rights.

Yes, the Republicans are sure to make an issue of oil prices, and unfortunately, people who are desperate for a solution that will not involve them changing their world view or life style will believe their line of crap.