First Massa TV Ad

The first Massa TV ad is embedded below. (via Rochesterturning)

Update: The Massa campaign has announced that they will run the ad for one week on TV stations across the district.


Quality ad.

Though, Democrats control Congress and they went home without doing anything about energy. Wonder if it's smart to talk about fixing Washington when your party's the one blocking a vote on a very popular energy plan that includes drilling.

"Popular energy plan"?

Plan? From what I've seen, both parties had piecemeal energy bills addressing aspects of the energy issue. I certainly didn't see a comprehensive plan from Kuhl's party. The only realistic, comprehensive plan I've seen to-date is Obama's, which was released yesterday. Drilling is not an energy plan.

Popular? If by "popular" you mean that some poll somewhere linked lower gas prices to drilling and asked people if they're for lower gas prices, then perhaps the drilling part is popular. But, as has been discussed here ad infinitum, drilling in the US won't lower gas prices soon, or by much. If a poll explained that, I doubt that drilling would be so popular.

But I do think it's a quality ad. We can agree on that.

24 years in the Military? Independent thinker? Is this a Massa or McCain ad?

Here's a simple test: If there's an old man in the ad, then it's a McCain ad. If not, it's a Massa ad.

(Just kidding, older readers. Don't throw me off your lawn!)

So are Massa and McCain in the same party? The Independent Military Background Party (IMBP)

I believe it's MRU - Mavericks 'R Us

Massa keeps trotting out his military experience. Ask him at the next press conference if we should vote for McCain because Obama has no such military experience. :)

Or perhaps someone should ask Kuhl if we should vote for Obama because he's a lawyer like Randy.

Ironically, Mr. Massa and Mr. McCain are both grads of the Annapolis, are they not?

Paging Alanis Morissette...

What a GREAT ad!

So, Kuhl by 5 now? Or are you still re-calibrating? :)

Ha ha ha---likely ten, I'm afraid.