Kuhl Raises $117K in 6 Weeks

Randy Kuhl has filed his pre-primary money numbers. He raised $117K in that period, and now has $571K cash on hand.

Massa outspent Kuhl 3 to 1 in the last 6 weeks, including a fairly large media buy (over $200K) for his first commercial. Though Kuhl released a campaign commercial earlier this month, his total media expenditures were around $69K. Kuhl also paid roughly $2,000 to paid signature-gathers to get his name on the ballot.

Update: Exile at Rochesterturning notices that a fair amount of Kuhl's spend ($25K) was for fundraising, $16K of that to fundraising consultants.


Well, if those petition carriers helped collect Independence Party signatures, it was probably worth the money and headache to get those signatures. If I have it correct, Kuhl won by 6K votes and rec'd 5K votes on the Independence Party line (and another 5K on the Conservative line). If this is going to be as close as everyone says, every vote - and line - counts. If this was the thinking and how they used the resources, it was a pretty smart use of his funds.Just food for thought.

I agree -- they were probably for the Independence Party line, and it was probably a good investment.