Massa's Father Asks for Kuhl Apology

Rochesterturning has a scan of today's Corning Leader, where Emiddo Massa, Eric Massa's 80 year-old father, writes to demand an apology from Randy Kuhl for remarks made Thursday.

Mr. Kuhl is completely out of line to be making an attack on myself and my wife of 57 years. Attacking a 79 year-old woman on her parenting skills is so inappropriate that I almost can't find words.

Update: Reader Elmer sends the whole editorial page [pdf], which also includes some comments from the Leader website.


Can you say “make a mountain out of a mole hill”?

I agree that it's not a huge deal, but Randy's remark was out of line.

Hey, you can't write exactly the same comment on both sites!

Sorry :) - Is that some sort of unwritten rule?

No, I'm just kidding.

Randy shouldn't have said it, but Eric shouldn't have "ambushed" Randy. If Eric hadn't shown up, and shown some bad manners, Randy would not have said what he did.

I don't think "he made me do it" is a good excuse for kids or politicians. Attacking family (even indirectly) is off limits, no matter if there was provocation. Part of being a professional is not rising to the bait.

What a circus this thing has become. The letter from Eric's father is ridiculous. Read the reader reaction to this incident on "The Leader" interactive e-page. People thought it was foolish of Mr. Massa to pull such a stunt.

Those reader-reaction pages are always so informative. What proportion of the people who participate have jobs, do you think?

Well, "Jack Black" seems to have steady work as an actor.

Eric did not "ambush" Kuhl, the event was open to the public and it wasn't until AFTER the Press Conference ended that Eric approached Kuhl. I do find it ironic that you are all so quick to defend Kuhl, Massa's campaign as well as a number of community leaders have repeatedly approached Kuhl to engage in a series of debates with Eric and while Massa has agreed to each and EVERY debate Kuhl STILL has not responded and it's 2 months before the election.

Kuhl knows Massa would destroy him in a debate. Kuhl is a chicken shit and a hypocrite and I pity the man who is gullible enough to support him in the November election.

Are you Eric's wife?

That's the best you could come up with?

Kuhl has been arrested for a DUI, threatened to kill his wife with a shotgun, and also threatened to do the same to constituents making a comment about " "packing" heat against constituents who are opposed to the war in Iraq.

Given Kuhl's history, I really don't think Kuhl is any position to be attacking another man's character or motives.

Whatever - but in many people see what Eric did as a desperate act, something only done by someone who is afraid he is way behind.

I really don't see this as a desperate act. I see it in character with Massa's no-holds-barred campaign. It was a stunt. You pull a stunt like that to shake things up.

As for polls, not a whole lot of polling has been done by either side (according to the financial reports), so I don't think anyone has a real good idea what's going on in the district.

Kuhl is a Tuhl of the Telecomunication and Insurance industries and needs to be chipped away at in a no-holds-barred campaign!