More Greenpeace Coverage

The Steuben Courier has two Greenpeace stories. The first covers their Thursday meeting with Randy Kuhl. It makes the obvious point that their organization and Randy Kuhl disagree on many aspects of energy policy, including drilling in ANWR and nuclear power.

The second notes that the town of Urbana went to extraordinary lengths to deny a permit to the organization. Greenpeace wanted to display a bio-diesel powered solar demonstration vehicle, "Rolling Sunlight", in Depot Park. The town council cited Greenpeace's earlier demonstration at the Massa headquarters in Corning as a reason for denying the permit.


If you attended any of Randy Kuhl's campaign events (stunts?) in '06, you would have seen Gordon Lamphere, recently-elected Urbana Town Supervisor, who was the then State Senator's his driver. I didn't attend any, but that's what I was told at the time.

Let's suppose that the Greenpeace event was actually in support of Eric Massa's candidacy and not sustainable energy. Why would a town not allow it?

There's no good reason. The "demonstration" at Massa HQ gave them a flimsy excuse, and they took it.