More Trash Talk

Randy Kuhl's Congressional Office and Eric Massa's campaign have issued press releases about this morning's rumble. Drill in below to read more.

Kuhl surrogate Meghan Tisinger is out of the box first, taking a "Disrespecting the Bing" line:

Congressman Kuhl held a press conference today to raise awareness on the strain that our first responders are being forced to deal with due to the high gas prices. By Massa turning this press conference into a political spectacle, it demonstrates his complete lack of respect for our brave men and women in uniform protecting our streets everyday. This event was not campaign related and it was shamefully and frankly sad, that Mr. Massa tried to turn the attention away from our first responders and back to himself. Our police officers and firefighters deserve better than to have this critical issue ignored because a career candidate wants to be in the headline.

Um, I think the little Kuhl/Massa set-to happened after the press conference, but no matter. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, baby. That's what it means to Randy, and Meghan's bringing it.

But wait, what's this in my inbox? A Massa press release from Jared Smith, and Jared's got Eric bringing his friends:

Dan Kane, City Councilman for the 1st Ward stated: "I don't understand why Randy Kuhl refuses to answer the public. He said this wasn't a political event today, but his only staffer there was his campaign manager. Randy Kuhl has stopped his town hall meetings, won't take questions from the public, and refuses to respond to invitations to debate the issues of the day. He has stated that Congress is on vacation, but he still refuses to debate Eric Massa in public, even when the local media and prominent local educational institutions invite him. I'm also confused about why he was here. We all know we're hurting, but he's here campaigning in front of the cameras. How does that help families in Corning? It's a shame, but that's Washington as usual."

What about that, Kuhl campaign? A press conference by a Congressman three months before the election, and it was all about politics! Say it isn't so.

Update: Meghan Tisinger says that the person with Randy was the Congressional District Director, not campaign staff.


Can you say Lazio and Clinton?

Abbott and Costello?

Laurel and Hardy?

Astaire and Rogers.

What lack of class. Massa has no class. Very rude and pigheaded.

No, Rochester RoadRunner.

I've been taking a lighthearted approach to this because I don't think it's a big deal - just an August stunt.

That said, Randy Kuhl is not royalty. He can be approached by his opponent at the end of a press conference. If you think Massa was rude, so be it, but one political stunt doesn't a campaign make.

My kids are having trouble sleeping. I try to tell them that Mr. Massa won't be coming to our house, but they are still worried. :)

Maybe if they'd just agree to debate, they wouldn't have this problem. (And could they stop sending out those glossy mailers with the false claims about drilling while they're at it?)

Ha ha----great one, ElmerJK!