Odds and Sods

The Messenger-Post has a story where Massa blames Kuhl for the closure of a local trucking company. It also covers the money numbers.

In the "there's a blog for everything" category, here's a post from one that's devoted to protecting our right to play poker online. Randy Kuhl is rated "F" because he opposes this fundamental right.

Finally, the non-partisan Rothenberg political report has an interesting article on party unity. Stu Rothenberg thinks that Democrats are showing more of it than Republicans.


Well, now I know why I won't vote for Randy Kuhl.

Ha! I guess I underestimated the power of an "F" grade on a one-issue blog.

There's a first for everything -- first time I'll be a one-issue voter!

It's also that he co-sponsored one of the pieces of legislation.

I really don't know why he co-sponsored HR 4777. It hasn't come up in a debate, speech or press release that I've seen. There aren't any casinos in the district (some are nearby), and the closest Kuhl came to a donation from a casino is money from the National Restaurant Association PAC.

So, seems like a heartfelt position on Kuhl's part. He earned that "F" honestly.

"There aren't any casinos in the district "
But .........
We have a big poker game in Campbell every Wednesday night.

Then you should be happy because Randy's trying to keep a lid on your Internet competition.

Many progressives would tell you that gambling is a bad bad bad thing and they should applaud Kuhl for his efforts.

So would social conservatives.

Conservatives or liberals who have any libertarian instincts would just like to gamble and smoke pot without the government breathing down our backs.