Remember Town Hall Meetings?

One point of pride in Randy Kuhl's 2006 campaign was his pledge to visit all 145 towns in the district every year. Because of last year's protests, and their attendant media attention, Kuhl changed those meetings to by-appointment-only this year. He's held a handful so far, and no more are scheduled on his town hall meeting page. His campaign website also contains no mention of the meetings.

A reader noticed this state of affairs and contacted Kuhl's office asking about meetings. He was told that Kuhl will be having more meetings if he's elected this year.

In 2006, town hall meetings were a major part of Kuhl's effort to portray himself as a "service Congressman". In 2008, they are a public relations liability that are no longer part of Kuhl's campaign.


Why wait for a town hall meeting when you can just occupy his office?

Well, if you live in Ashford, Coldspring or Conewango, you have to travel a long way to occupy his office.

C'mon Rotten - if it was that important you could occupy a vacant storefront anywhere as a symbolic gesture and refuse to leave till Randy comes see you (Michael Moore would be proud of me).

If I occupied a vacant storefront in some of these towns, I'd be sitting for a long time waiting for anyone to notice.