Republican House News Conference

The video [27MB wmv] of this morning's House Republican press conference is now available. Randy Kuhl speaks at about 2:10.

Kuhl says that it is "outrageous that Speaker Pelosi, a multi-millionaire, travels around the country promoting a book when we, Members of Congress, are receiving letters and phone calls daily from people pleading for help." Kuhl read a letter from constituent Elizabeth, from Wayland, NY, who travels 50 miles daily to work in Rochester. Her heating oil budget has tripled, and her electricity budget is up by over half.

Since each of the Members had a couple of minutes, and many of them repeated the same talking points, the press conference gets a little long. But don't miss a reporter's question at 13:50, "None of this legislation will immediately drop the price at the pump, will it?"

John Kline [MN-2], replied, "It remains to be seen. It takes a while for oil to come out of the ground [...] two years, or three years, or five years." He added that it's an "important signal to the market", so "we think it will have an affect on prices."


It'll be very interesting to see the details on "the larger package".

She may put items in the bill that ends up having Randy vote against it. I never liked that about congress (no matter who is in control) - being able to kill a bill by adding other things to it.