Rumble Coverage

Corning-area media covered yesterday's confrontation a bit unevenly. On television, WENY has a short story that lacks the color of yesterday's WETM account. In print, the Corning Leader has a longer story in today's edition. The Elmira Star-Gazette has a story about the press conference, but it doesn't mention the confrontation. I guess the S-G reporter left before it happened and his or her editors don't watch TV.

Evan Dawson at the 13WHAM blog compares the situation to Harold Ford's in Tennessee and wonders if it will hurt Massa. Exile at Rochesterturning thinks it's not a big deal.

Update: Syracuse News 10 also has a story.


Notice that the three comments on the Leader story are all negative towards Massa. That may change, but for now it is 3-0 in the southern tier and Kuhl is winning.

3-0 in the first inning. Much more to come.

Second inning: 5-1 Kuhl

If he only wins by 4 points in the Tier, then he loses the district, you know.

OK - let's try this a different way - Kuhl 83%, Massa 17% - a landslide :)

Must be the 7th inning -- the beer seems to be kicking in. :)

Report back at the 7th inning stretch and let us know how things are going.

I usually have one drink too many by the 7th inning - you're on your own to get the final score

Calm down, boys....heh heh. It will be Kuhl at 60, Massa at 40. MAYBE 55-45.