Sean Carroll Throws A Slow One Right Over the Plate

Sean Carroll's raw video of a Kuhl interview shows some surprising bias. At about 13:35, Carroll lobs this softball:

I also spoke with somebody just the other day who said that "I think Randy's going to win the 29th, because Mr. Massa, his message is tired, he's now been out there three or four years, and people may just be getting annoyed with him." I know that may be an unusual question to pose to you about your opponent. How do you respond to that?

This question did not make the highly edited WHAM report, which carefully balanced Massa's and Kuhl's answers. But it was posted on their site, so it's part of the record, even if few will watch the interview to the end.

Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa are perfectly capable of campaigning on their own. Carroll's job is to put them through the ringer, not to inject partisan opinion into the story.

13WHAM's policy of posting backstory, raw video of interviews, and supporting documents is something every TV station should emulate. The TV news "hole" is mercilessly tiny, and those of us who like to learn more appreciate the extra effort WHAM takes to tell us the rest of the story. It's too bad that it sometimes makes them look pretty bad, but this is one of those times.


I can't wait for Larry King to ask John Edwards if he was aware he was having an affair during the time he was having it or not until it was over. :)

If Edwards knows what's good for him, he'll stay off of the TV and keep his mouth shut. Since self-control doesn't seem to be his strong suit, that's probably not going to happen.

I can't wait for ANYONE in the media to ask why this makes John Edwards unfit for office, since McCain had a well-documented affair on his first wife, with his current wife. He even wrote about that and other affairs in his own books.

Or maybe it just means if enough years pass, the statute of limitations on affairs will allow Edwards to run for prez again.

Honesty is the best policy when dealing with the media.

The current standard seems to be:

If it was a while back and you've confessed it, you get a pass.

If it's recent and you lied about it, then you don't.

It's a bipartisan standard, pretty much.

People have affairs all the time - I read somewhere where 60 percent of married men do. You can see why now. The urge is so strong that even the chance of being POTUS didn't stop Edwards.

The types of people who run for president need so much ego assurance, and they have so many women worshipping them, that the temptation must be huge. There's also the issue of slick lawyers who think they can finesse everything.

they have so many women worshipping them, that the temptation must be huge.
We bloggers have the same "problem" of course.

Which problem do you have? Free women worshiping you, or do you have to pay $5,000 per night like the Gov did? :)