Special Massa Press Conference

The Massa campaign had a special press call this morning, where Massa called for Randy Kuhl to use his "close personal relationship" with President Bush to call for the President to re-convene Congress.

Massa said that he finds himself "in open disagreement with Speaker Pelosi" about the importance of debating an energy bill now. Massa said, "We need responsible offshore drilling, and we need to solve this problem. Calling the House into session is just a political stunt. If the President calls Congress into session, then we can get something done."

Massa said he realizes that "I'm probably out there on my own" on this one. But "the Constitution is clear: only the President has the power to re-convene Congress".


"Randy Kuhl to use his "close personal relationship" with President Bush "
Bush has Randy over for cocktails every night :)

I don't think it's super-close, otherwise Bush would have taken him along when he went to the Olympics. I'm sure Randy wouldn't mind being in this picture:


The politicians get all the perks :)

If the Chinese had a more advanced ethanol production system....

Rottenchester---Clever, playful, all-in-fun (kinda) comment about the photo of the Pres. w/uh "competitors." You're good!