Administrative Notes and Amplifications

The media pachyderm Gannett is having trouble mating with the Internet elephant Google. The result is that most Star-Gazette stories aren't showing up in my feeds from Google, and a bunch of blog posts from political reporter Joe Spector are appearing a Westchester County Gannett site. I try to catch those, but I greatly appreciate all who have been sending Star-Gazette and other Gannett content.

In today's post on the debates, I claimed that there have been no public polls in the 29th, and that Kuhl's campaign has not paid for a poll in the recent past. A sharp reader wrote to point out a Kuhl poll which was distributed in January that showed Kuhl 20 points ahead. Just to be clear: in addition to being a poll from one side, that poll had a few other issues that made it really unreliable. Follow the previous link to learn more. There's been no third-party polling in the district that I know about.