Debate Remainders

The Hornell Evening Trib has a debate story. It points out that only one of the events the candidates have agreed to attend is a real debate. One of them, an appearance in Elmira, is a forum, which I assume means that neither candidate will directly address the other.

WENY's coverage contains this telling remark:

“We've had, at this point, about 20-25 requests to do debates and there just isn't enough time to do them all but we're trying to do as many as we can,” Kuhl told us.

I thought 10 was a big number until the Massa operation sent me a list. 20-25 is just an exaggeration.


A politician exaggerate? What is the world coming to? :)

Yeah, I had to lie down on my fainting couch and take a whiff of smelling salts after I read it.

Yes, kind of like bullets flying as Hillary, Chelsea and Sinbad exited the plane in Kosovo... Although who's to say this is an exaggeration? I saw your list of Massa debates and it's not complete. I know that two of the colleges in the Western part of the district (Bonaventure and Houghton College) have also have asked for debates yet they're not on Massa's list. It could also be that some are trying to get Randy to commit first and then will invite Massa if Randy agress as they know that he'll go to anything to get the attention. Last campaign they ended up doing about 6 debates and that was way too many. Not even the Presidential candidates will debate that much before the election, probably only 2 or 3 times, so two or three is fine for a congressional district.

If you're looking an example of a politician exaggerating that isn't a decade old, you could take a peek at the number of countries that Sarah Palin said she visited.

Also, unless you count every time that Eric and Randy run into each other at a 7-11 as a debate, there's no way you're getting to 20-25.

Finally, last cycle, there were five debates. Only two of them were broadcast on a media outlet with any kind of coverage. That wasn't "way too many" by my tally. More here:

Maybe Sarah was confused about country and county. I could say that I have been to Chemung Country, Tompkins Country, Livingstion Country, Yates Country and Monroe Country in the last month. :)

You've traveled more widely than me in the last month.

Luckily, neither one of us is running for VP. :)