Kuhl, in DC, on TV

Randy Kuhl is not attending the Republican National Convention this year. Instead, he's in Washington for another protest against higher gas prices and, in his view, Nancy Pelosi's "inaction".

According to his office, Kuhl and other Republicans will hold a press conference tomorrow at 11 a.m., which will be televised live on C-SPAN or C-SPAN-2.


New nickname - Runaway Randy... hiding from the voters in Washington

I really don't see the upside of this move on his part. Having a few town hall meetings would be a better PR effort.

I don't like politicians who go to Washington and talk to themselves. He doesn't need to be at the convention either but on the ground in his district.


Randy is in Washington - Saving us. From what, I don't know. But that is what he said two year ago. That we need to send him to Washington to save us. Maybe he is saving us from Washington, but he sure has not done well at it!