Kuhl's New Stealth Town Meetings

Rocblogger at Rochesterturning made an interesting find at the Town of Henrietta website. Randy Kuhl met with Henrietta Town Supervisor Michael Yudelson sometime recently. The town had an item on their website, which is now gone, but I was able to resurrect it from Google's cache:

Congressman Kuhl Visits With Supervisor YudelsonCongressman Kuhl visits with Supervisor Yudelson

Congressman Randy Kuhl met with Supervisor Michael Yudelson last week to discuss issues that affect residents of Congressman Kuhl's district, which includes Henrietta.

Kuhl has gone from town meetings open to all, to by-appointment meetings, to meeting with town officials.


Delusions of persecution, party of 1 your table is ready.
So now, any and all meetings conducted in official capacity must include members of the media and general public? and for some reason, this makes it a substantive and necessary element in every respect of an official meeting? Pardon me, but all I hear now is Squidward's nasally laugh at your puny attempts to bring up some sort of conspiracy in the 29th.

If it was so stealth, why did they post it on their website in the first place?

Hellooooooo Paranoia.

Watch out behind you...
and there are boogie monsters in your closet
and we never landed on the moon
and Big Foot was seen in the Marketplace Mall shopping complex.

I used the term "stealth" to contrast the low-key nature of this meeting with Kuhl's high-visibility strategy of earlier years. Before, when Kuhl would come to town, he'd have a public meeting with constituents. Now, he's down to talking to a supervisor.

If the story had been on the website, I'd have linked to it. It wasn't, so I resurrected it.

The plain meaning of my words alleged no conspiracy. If you want to take off on a flight of fancy to draw attention from the real issue discussed here, feel free, but you can at least acknowledge that's what you're doing.

I will admit no such thing, because it is just not true. Rocblogger's entire post is as inane as your accusation is ill-judged. I am commenting on your propensity for hyperbole, as it is rather amusing. But you are supposed to draw more attention to yourself, so I understand your vaudevillian bent.
You are the one drawing attention to nothing, while you are busy "resurrecting" statements about common meetings between elected officials.

Let's cut through your blizzard of ad-hominem blather to pull out the one falsehood upon which you rest your weak case: "drawing attention to nothing".

Kuhl based much of his 2006 campaign on the promise to meet with constituents in every town. That promise has been broken.

I realize that politicians breaking promises is rather commonplace, but, unlike you, I'm not cynical enough to call it "nothing".

Again with the exaggerations. He did hold town meetings, which is more than I can say for many Congressman throughout the state, and indeed, the country. All the more impressive and time consuming for a district larger than the state of Connecticut. The point is, he need not include the general public in every meeting.
Seems a bit like grasping at straws, or resurrecting them in your case. And the MATERIAL point remains through your snarky attitude, that it is but merely a straw.

"The point is, he need not include the general public in every meeting."

Yes, then he need not advertise it on his website:

"I held a public Town Meeting in every Town in the 29th Congressional District each years since being sworn-in to office. That's 145 town meetings every year!" -- Randy Kuhl, http://kuhl.house.gov/THM/ (emphasis added).

And he need not make it the centerpiece of his campaign.

Wow.... you are hilarious
Those are the "Town Meetings" hellooo, the meeting with Yudelson was not a "town meeting".
And yet, the material point still evades you. The skywriter will be here in a minute.

Of course Kuhl can meet with town officials. The point, as you well know, is that he isn't meeting with the public when he comes to Henrietta anymore.

He promised to do so in 2006, and he hasn't done so in 2008.

It's a simple point. You haven't acknowledged it, yet you want to accuse me of missing the obvious.

Look in the sky!
*Brrrrr up brrrrr ploof ploof*

Banner reads: Actually, he held Town Hall Office Hours on June 16th 2008 in Henrietta."

He met with a over a dozen constituents, including myself.

I wish you would admit that Yudelson is a newly elected Supervisor, and take a second to think that maybe he hadn't had the chance to speak with the Congressman at that point? I think it shows an attentive nature that the Congressman takes the time on several levels to connect with local constituents and elected officials. I do believe Yudelson a strong native of Henrietta, and also a good servant for his community in years past.

Man, I think for all my time and effort in getting the skywriter, you ought to thank me :)

That wasn't a "public town hall meeting", my friend.

its when you start arguing semantics that reflects ya got nothing.

It is a public, open forum. Come who may, its an opportunity to speak to your Congressman, one on one, or speak from the hall. Even the Tele-Town Hall Meetings count as an open, anyone can participate, town meeting.
Dude, come on.

"Kuhl said in his announcement that his reason for changing from larger format town hall meetings to office hours was because a common complaint he received from constituents was that the meetings weren’t personal enough." -- http://www.mpnnow.com/archive/x125183321 (emphasis added)

I'm just using your man's words. They are not "public town hall meetings". You'll have to point out his weak use of semantics to him if you get an appointment at one of his town hall office hours.

Also, the notion that the tele-town hall meetings are "open, anyone can participate, town meeting" is ludicrous. A random dialer calling a few houses in the district is not letting anyone participate.