Massa Press Conference: Deconstructing Kuhl

Today's Massa press conference concentrated on Randy Kuhl's "floor speech" on energy.

Massa began by noting that "Speaker Pelosi and I do not, and did not, see eye-to-eye this Summer" about putting Congress into recess. Massa continued "I know, and most Americans who passed High School know, that you need both houses of Congress to pass a law [...] That's why I asked Randy Kuhl to insist that President Bush call Congress back into session."

Massa noted that only Bush has the constitutional authority to call Congress into session, and therefore the House protest was "nothing more than a political stunt."

Randy Kuhl wants to have a debate on the floor of the House, but he refuses to have a debate in the district [...] Why? Maybe he's afraid of being held accountable for his big-oil votes and his big-oil contributions.

Massa then went through Kuhl's floor speech. He began with this line:

This legislation is key to lowering the pain felt at the pump by investing in American made resources. There are Democrats who that think that the Republican’s all of the above energy plan caters to “Big Oil” and call those of us fighting to achieve energy independence “Friends of Big Oil.” Am I missing something?

Massa said that what Kuhl was missing was that the all of the above energy program does "nothing to stop price gouging at the pumps. It does nothing to address the unprecedented, historically obscene profits oil companies are making at the expense of working Americans."

Massa then keyed in on this passage in Kuhl's speech:
The Democrats, by not allowing a simple vote on increasing our homegrown energy sources, are forcing America to remain dependent on and beholden to foreign oil. They are increasing our addiction to foreign oil because they are not allowing us to produce American energy sources.

He pointed to Kuhl's vote against HR 6251, the "use it or lose it" bill, which mandated that current lease holders must either drill or lose their leases.

Massa also noted that Kuhl voted against renewable energy and green jobs bills 9 times, and against conservation bills 10 times.

It isn't just one bill, it's a whole series of bills where he says one thing and then does another, because he knows how hard it is for working people to follow the shenanigans of people in Washington.

Massa noted earlier that Kuhl had posed a rhetorical question, "Why would I want to debate in a remote corner of the district?" Massa said that he didn't consider Elmira, Corning and Rochester as remote corners. He went on to discuss his willingness to debate, saying that he had committed to appear in 10 debates across the district. He characterized Kuhl's changing positions on when he would commit to debates as "excuses", saying that, even though people said they got tired of debates during the primaries, they gave everyone a good sense of the issues involved in the race.

I asked Massa about the Palin nomination. He said that he found it "surprising" and wondered if someone who was mayor of a town smaller than Henrietta would be seen as experience by the American people. He said the choice "will call into question John McCain's judgment in making this decision."

I'm sure she's a nice person. I think she has extreme positions: no compromise, take no prisoners, extreme right-wing positions. That may excite a few people on the floor of the Republican Convention, but most Americans don't tilt that far right.
Update: Exile at Rochesterturning has video of Kuhl's "remote section of the district" comment.


Or maybe he chooses to debate on the House floor where grownups are and where he won't need to get Super Nanny or Dr. Phil to moderate.

This assumes that the home of grown-up behavior is the floor of the House. You must not watch much C-SPAN.

And I know the next bit of whining from Massa will be that Kuhl blatantly, and in the bright light of the afternoon, denied Massa's request to be at a debate hosted at Chuck E Cheese's just so Massa and his supporters would feel comfortable.

For shame!

On the bright side, Chuck E Cheese does serve beer.

Well, I haven't noticed anyone on the Floor drag in a jackass to serve as a smoke screen, but you must have more than standard cable!

Even standard definition C-SPAN shows a room full of jackasses...

Spoken like a true disgruntled blogger. Chuck E Cheese's is open if you need some solace.

I think my gruntle is still placed correctly. Yours seems to have slipped.

Nah, far be it from me to dispense "gruntle" by sweeping generalizations of which you seem so fond. I choose to take each candidate, each elected official, each position by its own merit, and merit alone.
My poise is as steady as ever, for I am not in the back left booth at the Chuckster's.

No, Chuck E's is too noisy, and my preferred drink contains gin, so Chuck's bar disappoints.

That said, I'm sure that your location has walls that are well-padded and your cohorts are well-medicated.

Randy won't debate because he represents oil companies. They pay his bills and he give them tax dollars. Simple as that.

Actually, to be serious for a moment, why Kuhl won't agree to a couple of debates is a bit of a puzzle to me. He's not that bad a debater, and a few debates would be some good free media.

So that's you in the next cell!?

Hello neighbor. Welcome.

Hi, Miggs. Watch your tongue.

That was well said; in fact "Perfect"! But atleast showing a little spitfire displays my tongue isn't forked-so I can't be a Dem :)

That was crystal-clear as soon as you started calling names.

I didn't call anybody names. I spotted a real life jackass, all I did was point to one.

Right, reading your highbrow, factual commentary, I'm finding it hard to distinguish it from other great literature, like Aristotle's Politics or, at a minimum, yesterday's Garfield strip.

Yesterday's was a good one, huh?

Well, my 8 year old thought so. Did one of the aides read it to you in the dayroom?

Yup. Just after we scanned the blogs for more "high brow, factual commentary". Though alas, we gave up, as these you do not find on blogs. Rather an oxymoron.

Weren't you claiming to be immune to "sweeping generalizations" a few minutes ago? What's the matter, Strattera wearing off?

Not at all, merely an observation garnered from viewing the blogosphere. Certainly you've noticed! Its a pixelated "Dear diary".
Though I am hoping for your site to prove me wrong!

Now, now. Watch the medication references. Don't turn into Tom Cruise. I just had the couches covered.

Took you a minute to google that one, eh?

"Prove you wrong" implies a logical faculty on your part. I'm no so sure we've seen a demonstration of that. Nevertheless, the site's free for all, so be my guest.

You're right. I have yet to match the gravitas of your noting the fact that Chuck E Cheese's serves beer. I will retire and gather my forces to muster all that I can to say something with the eclat to match.

Since you weren't aware of that fact, I'm afraid that you've left yourself open to your party's favorite charge: elitism.

Hah! To that I suppose I am guilty! I had no idea that Chuck E Cheese's served beer.
Well, you are no Bob Benchley, but I have enjoyed our time at the Table. :)

Later, Dorothy.

And is not that your symbol? Your masthead? I thought it befitting, as well as politically accurate.

Grow up, guys. P.S. Randy has this election locked up, I still think.