Massa Unveils Social Security Plan

Syracuse News 10 has story and video about Eric Massa's social security plan. Massa unveiled the plan in a news conference in Corning. The full plan [pdf] is available from his website.


Um, wow. That's a really poorly put together piece, espeicallly for Massa. It's a political commercial, not a policy paper at all. It says "Randy Kuhl and George Bush did this" and then sites a couple of cosponsorships and then says "but I won't do that." That's a plan? Things are getting pretty thin on both sides of the dime here.

Hey, Anonymous from Baltimore, check your keyboard. Looks like the Page Down key is broken.

On the two pages after the point you mentioned (Kuhl supported privatization), he lays out his pledge for Social Security (keep the retirement age at 65, no benefit reductions), and tells how he would finance that plan.

I wish I had a dollar for every politician, both Democrat and Republican, who was going to save us trillions of dollars by cutting government waste - Carter-Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-thousands of congressmen and now Massa. I love the idea, but it never works.

Actually, Gore was given that job in the Clinton administration, and the effort was pretty successful, relative to previous efforts. Check this out for more information:

It is possible to cut some government waste. Saving "trillions" is probably unrealistic.

Randy Kuhl doesn't have a plan for anything. Like them or not, at least Eric is putting ideas out. Randy is just hiding from debates in Washington and complaining about Nancy Pelosi 24/7. Talk about a 1 track political hack.

1. Having a plan and then implementing it are two different items.
2. Randy is wrong to hide from Massa and blame everything on Pelosi, though he may have learned that from the people that blame everything on Bush.