More Debate Cancellation Coverage

Reader Tom sends the Star-Gazette and Corning Leader [gif] (jump [gif]) stories on the Bath debate cancellation.

Susan Multer of the League of Women Voters is quoted in the Star-Gazette:

"It's a sad day for democracy when elected officials are unwilling to
participate in local candidate forums," Multer said. "It shows great
disrespect for the public for a congressman to take five months and a
state senator to take six weeks to tell the sponsoring organization
that they will not participate and give no reason."

Update: WETM also has a debate story.


It actually makes a ton of sense from the Kuhl camp. As we know from the last few years, Randy does not do well when he is confronted, and most think its only a matter of time until he snaps and has an outburst from all the pressure. This is not to say that he is not entitled to snap at someone, probably me or you would do the same, if every time we made a public appearance we were hounded by people that did not like us.

But now in the you tube age, where every confrontation and every media exchange is on the internet within a matter of minutes, Randy can't afford to go to town hall meetings anymore, he cant afford to go to debates. Because if people see what Randy is when he is angry, it will be a little scary, and they won't really vote for him.

Its actually good election strategy.


I've seen him in some tough situations and he mostly kept his cool.

I will agree that it is a sign of weakness, not strength, to skip so many debates.

I say its a sign of unemployment when you have time to accept every debate that's offered to you....oh wait....

It could also be a sign of imminent unemployment when a public servant hides from the public.

Or it could be that this debate was totally out of control in 06.

Anyone present at the Steuben LWV's 06 "tea party" knows it was anything but a quaint affair. This group couldn't keep their audience under control and it wasn't an appropriate forum for an exchange of ideas, which we need.

I can understand why Kuhl AND Senator George Winner declined this debate.

I don't use this word as much as I should:


I've witnessed and reported honestly and critically about the protests at Kuhl's town hall meetings, and I was at the Bath debate. There's no comparison.

That debate was a credit to a fine organization, the League of Women Voters. It was totally under control, completely civilized, and a great example of American Democracy in action.

If there were 10 LWV debates in every decent-sized town in the district in the next few weeks, the voters here would be the best-informed in the nation.

Debates Randy Kuhl has also declined: (THE NERVE!!!)

To Stock or Not to Stock-- a Super Wal-Mart Sponsored Forum, conducted down aisle 5. Are we sending jobs elsewhere? Forum to discuss economic issues and the ever present question in such large parking lots: Dude, where did I park my car?

Cohocton Fall Foliage-- Instead of the annual tree-sitting contest, each candidate will sit in neighboring trees and accept questions from the random attendees to the festival. No word as to whether they are allowed to break to join the pancake feast.

Hot Air---Sponsored by the Continental School of Beauty-- Join the candidates at this Rochester forum where they each get manicures whilst answering questions from the incoming customers. Important discussion expected regarding combovers and how to cut your hair so you appear taller in debates.

Family Halloween Fest--St. John Fisher's--Join the candidates as they debate in a corn maize. Each candidate will be asked to find each other before the debates begin. ** Worthy to note, as Eric Massa has continued to change his mind and stance on issues* we are not quite sure he will be able to even find himself. For this hazardous reason, forum could be moved to seat in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Conference of "Jekyll and Hyde: Together Again," to more aptly display Eric Massa's personality.
*Dramatization of Massa's first-person narrator (lets call him Ishmael)* "Am I for drilling? am I not? Windpower I am 'again it, and yet it will save us when it behooves me politically and I want to air a snarky ad. And, everyone! Forget hurricanes, other natural disasters, and any conflict overseas, $4 a gallon is an emergency! Lets release the Reserves! Does anyone else hear this hyberbole?"

I thought that Massa was probably padding the list when he said 10. Here they are, judge for yourself:

Alfred University
LWV Bath
St Johns Meadows Political Forum
LWV Elmira
R-News/St Bonaventure

I would think two or three debates should be enough. I'm not convinced that more is always better.

If Kuhl debates Massa that many times, Eric will have his chance to prove his point.

BTW - I still think it is too early to worry about debates or about this article concerning Democrat representatives getting nervous at Obama's recent showing:

As far as I'm concerned, more is better on debates - especially up here in Rochester where nobody hears anything about the 29th.

On that FT article, are you telling me that a pink, foreign newspaper understands American politics? Pretty soon you'll be wanting Dijon Mustard on your French Fries...

Seriously, though, there are no facts in that article. Show me some polls and we'll talk.

I agree with you - I was just trying to make a point that it is still to early to worry about debates or polls.

Agree on that.

Oy, the "more is better" argument. You would be the type of person we can thank for the reason there are Bonanza or Bewitched marathons, and no matter how often they play, no one likes Gladys Kravitz. Besides the fact that her voice is annoying, she doesn't do anything but haunt her neighborhood (and no doubt, her town) and annoy them with her inane life...sounds familiar.

Sounds very familiar. Similar to someone who hangs around someone else's blog making snarky comments all day.

Is it a blog, or a personal diary? Thought you wanted people to post? If this is merely a snarky monologue of your own, sorry to trespass!
And I thought that "snarky" was kind of the blogger equivalent of a secret handshake.

It's a blog, and I'm happy to have people comment.

My only point is that you're the Gladys Kravitz in this play, not me.

Oh Abner, you aren't Gladys, I meant a certain candidate!

Ah, your humor was too subtle.

So, then Kuhl is Uncle Arthur?

lol I like that. Jokes on you all come November though!
Gives a whole new spin on "The House That Uncle Arthur Built"