New Kuhl Ad: Blueprint

The Kuhl campaign has released a new TV ad, which is embedded below:


I assume that the same math advisor that came up with his plan for eliminating gas prices calculated the $1200 tax increase.

He actually voted for one of the bills he criticized Massa for supporting.

It's ridiculous.

Sorta like when Massa campaign said CAFTA included Bolivia?

So, are you ready to argue that taxes won't go up, no matter who's elected in the 29th?

So-----is there a Massa ad (print or electronic) out yet which refutes this?

No, and I don't know if he will.

One big question is how much of an ad buy Kuhl can afford. Perhaps this ad won't be noticed because it won't be seen much on local TV.

I missed the Bolivia ad too.

It was never an ad.

Massa made the following statement in his economic plan:

Bush-Kuhl trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and a dozen others have failed. We have lost millions of jobs because we have created the conditions where
businesses need to move to countries like China and Mexico in order to compete.

(Plan linked from here:

During his press conference, and he used the Weyerhauser plant in Elmira as an example. Those jobs moved to Bolivia. The state certified that those jobs were lost from due to a trade act. (certification linked from here:

Since CAFTA didn't include Bolivia, the person making the earlier remark thinks they have a "gotcha" moment. As you can see, it isn't as clear an attempt to mislead (if it is that at all) as Kuhl's ad.

Sorry. I was being sarcastic. I agree that pepper's gotcha is not worth talking about where Randy's ad simply makes up a scary tax increase and lays it on Massa. That statement is another significant lie by someone who is aligning himself with the McCain/Bush/Cheney/Delay arm of his party both tactically (ref to McCain's malaprops) and strategically (see