New Kuhl Ad

The Kuhl Campaign has released a new ad, where some Vets give Kuhl credit for saving the Canandaigua VA Hospital. It's embedded below:

Update: In response to commenter's questions, I asked the Kuhl campaign some questions about the commercial. According to Justin Stokes, Kuhl's spokesman, the man speaking is Ralph Calabrese. He's the head of the Veterans Advisory Group of the Finger Lakes Region. In response to the question of whether Mr. Calabrese was speaking officially, the response is "He's speaking as a veteran who worked to keep the VA open."


I believe this gentleman was head of the group that worked to save the VA.

And that group I believe, was the Veterans Advisory Group of the Finger Lakes Region.
Good fellow! Does regular updates on radio as well.

Now, now Rotten, I go away for a week and here you are being unpleasant again? No trip to the Chuckster's recently? And you ought to be a bit more respectful; "where some vet"? Honestly Rotten. I had better expectations for your blog!

"some Vets" (there were others in the ad) was not disrespectful, it was descriptive. If I'm being disrespectful to anyone, believe me you'll know it.

I saw the ad on a YouTube feed from Kuhl's office, made the post, and went to a meeting. In the meantime, the press release came out without the name of the group, and I'm verifying that now.

I'll update as soon as I have a few more facts.

Singular or plural, still sounded snarky.

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