Sign Damage

Randy Kuhl has written a letter to Eric Massa asking him to join in condemning damage to Kuhl's signs.

Update: Massa's response is after the break.

Dear Congressman Kuhl,

Yes, I agree that vandalizing yard signs is bad and I don't condone it, but I ask that you stop vandalizing Democracy by refusing to have public debates in front of the people you are paid to represent. It seems that you have forgotten that you are a public servant, and this is not communist China where you only have to pay attention to the people that support you. Hiding from your constituents is not how Democracy is supposed to work.

While yard signs are clearly important to you, I'm more concerned about the $700 billion tax payer handout that you and George Bush are preparing to give to corporate CEOs on Wall Street. I am more concerned with the failed Bush-Kuhl trade policies that have shipped 40,000 New York jobs to foreign countries. I'm more concerned that you co-sponsored a bill to privatize Social Security, a move that would have cost our seniors 24% of their benefits.

I hope that you will start discussing the real issues facing the families of this district in an open and public venue where they can ask both of us questions.


Eric Massa
US Navy Commander (ret.)
Congressional Candidate, NY-29


Kuhl is firmly in James Lawrence territory on this one.

Will Massa respond by asking Kuhl to join him in praising puppy dogs and rainbows?

I posted Massa's response.

Kuhl is saving the rock through his window thing until the week before the election

That, and the kids who tore up his lawn.