Yet Another Indicator of MCDC Weakness

I've posted before about the weakness of the Monroe County Democratic Party. Its chairman, Joe Morelle, was unable to field a candidate at the top of the ticket (County Executive) in last year's election.

Now, Sean Carroll notices that Morelle was seen by Liz Benjamin, a New York City political columnist, at Sheldon Silver's victory party Tuesday night. And Exile at Rochesterturning further notes that Morelle brought some volunteers to work for Silver on election day.

Of course, Morelle also endorsed Jon Powers, who lost on Tuesday. An endorsement from Joe Morelle's MCDC is probably worth a little less than a bucket of warm piss, but that's one comparison that springs to mind.


Hey rottenchester,

Maybe if all you morons got up off your lazy asses, stepped away from pontificating on this stupid blog for a couple hours, and actually constructively helped out on a campaign, candidates like Jon Powers would be victorious.

I am not part of Morelle's MCDC crew, but I am a frequent volunteer at headquarters. When I stopped at MCDC mid-day Tuesday after getting out of work, there was about 20 people making phone calls for Jon. I then went out to Greece where I was hooked up with another group of MCDC volunteers.

Who knows? Maybe we don't want you interacting with voters. I mean, you've probably never said more than two words to a member of the opposite sex, so why would we want you reminding them to vote?

As soon as idiot Wednesday morning campaign gurus like your self realize that they contribute about as much to campaigns as my left testicle does, Democrats might fare better on election day.

Until that day comes, shut up, and get off of MCDC's back. Those kids work hard, as does the chairman.

What's your right testicle doing?

While I'm not one to agree with Rottenchester I think his points about the 'ineptnitude' of both parties in Monroe County are right on the mark. The post from the angry volunteer is indicative of the attitude that comes from both party HQ's up there. The GOP finally did something about it by tossing Minarik overboard (something that was long overdue) and the Dems might want to do the same.

Yep, what seems to happen is that the leader who had the right touch for a certain political climate long overstays his usefulness, in either party.