When I heard that Randy Kuhl was going to be interviewed on 20/20, I wrote this:

Anyone familiar with Stossel's interviews might not be so quick to brag. Stossel usually a takes a skeptical, somewhat libertarian view of politics. He's death on pork-barrel spending, and he's already turned in a negative piece on the Ethanol boondoggle.

Today, Kuhl's office posted a press release with the title NY Farming Community Responds To Inaccurate Portrayal of Farm Bill by ABC’s 20/20.

Res ipsa loquitur.


I thought 20/20 was good for Randy. Showed him supporting the needs of his district over the cynical press. They could have found a better Dem though. That woman was wacky.

She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But there's a reason they ended up with her -- no Democrat with any sense wanted to take part in one of Stossel's hit-jobs.

shows some courage then on Randy's part.

Is my dog courageous when it tries to bite the wheel of a moving car? Nope, it just doesn't know any better. Same principle here.