Ad Has Desired Effect

Yesterday's ad on health care issues from a 527 prompted a sharp response from the Kuhl campaign. WXXI has a story on the ad and Kuhl's outrage.

As I've mentioned before, half of the game with ads from outside groups is to generate free media coverage, since they rarely make a big media buy. Targets of these ads are in a tough position. If they put out a press release contesting the ad, local media coverage will probably attract more attention than the ad itself. If they don't push back, the ad airs uncontested.


Heard a pro Kuhl radio ad tonight sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce. It talked about health care and mentioned among other things the prescription drug plan.

I heard the Chamber read him the riot act about the bailout (which may be part of why he voted for it finally). I guess he's back in their good graces.

Monroe Rising says the health care ad being run by the 527 is dispicable. Take that, leftards!

Apparently they can cut-and-paste a press release, but spelling the headline correctly is a bridge too far.