Bailout Bill Passes with Kuhl's Vote

The bailout bill passed the House by a wide margin, 263-171, with Randy Kuhl's vote.

Update: Here are the details. All the Western New York delegation voted for the bill. Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY-20] remained opposed.


Let me get this straight---Kuhl voted against the bill without the earmarks, but voted for it with the earmarks. Were the earmarks any of the taxbreaks for NY-29th companies? I don't think so.

This article sums it up:

Kuhl says, however, that rather than helping him on election day, his stance against the proposal could cause him problems.

"Politically I may have cost myself a lot of money in campaign contributions because I said No to this," he said, noting the Chamber of Commerce and other business associations who have traditionally donated to his campaign aren't pleased.

Kuhl caved to lobbyists because they fund his campaign!

pystew - It also had FDIC limit increases and tax breaks.

zabriskie - well, he lost donations for 5 days or so. :)