BREAKING: Alleged Yard Sign Thief Apprehended

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that the Ontario County Sheriff's office apprehended someone in the act of stealing McCain and Kuhl yard signs along Route 96 in Victor.

The alleged perpetrator also had Cub Scout yard signs in his possession, raising the possibility that the signs themselves, rather than their content, sparked the crime.


I find it kind of hard to believe that in the distance from downtown Rochester to Victor, this guy didn't come across any Obama or Massa signs. Seeing as how he didn't try to even things up with Democrat campaign signs, it seems pretty unlikely that he was just pulling up signs at random.

You're probably right, but that doesn't explain the Cub Scout signs.

No, maybe not. But this an urban and suburban area, where there are definitely Democrats more than willing to show their show for their candidates. Now this might not entirely be an affiliation issue, but I doubt that Party had nothing to do with it.

I would have expected him to have some Massa signs, too, so it's likely that he was targeting Republicans.

That said, there are always a few bad apples around who will do things like that.