D&C Endorsement Goes to Kuhl

The Democrat and Chronicle's endorsement of Randy Kuhl is the usual low-quality product of their opinion page. It condescends, ignores facts, and demonstrates the writer's ignorance of the most basic political truths.

Their first argument, such as it is, is that the little people of the 29th don't need a Congressman who is "encyclopedic on the issues", like Massa. We are too simple for that. We "can't afford politicians who fight the big battles". Massa is a "big-picture guy in a district with small-picture needs". The D&C apparently feels that Kuhl is the better man to keep the hicks in the 29th down on the farm.

The D&C also says that Kuhl has become "more confident" and "less defensive". No evidence is provided for these claims because the facts are in complete opposition to them. If anything, Kuhl has become more defensive since 2006. A few minor protests caused him to make his town hall meetings appointment-only events. He refused to participate in any public debates. Those aren't the actions of a confident politician.

The D&C believes that Kuhl, who has a long record of voting with his party, has "moved away from Bush". Their evidence is his words, not Kuhl's voting record. Kuhl voted against any effort to limit funding to the war in Iraq, thus handing the Bush administration a blank check, yet the D&C believes that "[h]e's challenged the administration on war issues." Kuhl switched positions and voted for the second, pork-packed bailout, but the D&C is satisfied that he "questioned the lack of accountability in the Bush-proposed legislation."

The underlying problem with the D&C is that they cling to a fool's notion of politics. They say that Kuhl "must put aside partisanship to work with Democrats." This is wishful thinking based on complete ignorance of Kuhl's leadership status and voting record. When it comes to important votes, Deputy Whip Kuhl has voted with his party 90% of the time.

The D&C has been cutting reporting staff to invest in their social networking website. When reporters don't report, the end result is fact-free editorials like this one.


It's about time the D&C came to its senses and endorsed Kuhl. I bet Massa is feeling characteristically victimized this morning ...

So you agree with their other Congressional endorsements, then -- all Democrats?

The D&C endorsed Massa last time. I don't see where anything has changed in Kuhl's favor this time to change that.

Maybe he was the token Republican.

I'm surprised they endorsed Alice Kryzan, who doesn't even know what Renaissance Square is.

To the contrary, I think much has shifted against Kuhl. I would think that his weird debate-ducking would hurt him with editorial pages. If I were an editorial page writer, I'd hold it against him.

Debate ducking? He's done debates. For God's sake, how many do you need? The Presidential only does three... I think it's good that the D&C finally came around to realize that Massa is an opportunistic outsider and Randy knows the district better.

Hate to begin to say i told you so but, with blockbuster developments like this, and growing resentment against Massa, the incumbent really may walk away with a ten-point win. If The Leader endorses Randy, too...well....

Honestly I don't think these endorsements are that big of a deal... I really doubt anyone will take the D&C voter guide into the booth with them. That said, Jim Lawrence just lost a lot of credibility from me.

The growing resentment against Massa is a figment of the Republican imagination.

We're all entitled to our opinion. But I've often heard people say that he does rub you the wrong way after being around him for awhile. I wonder if this endorsement isn't a reflection of that, and if so, how wide spread is such sentiment? I mean, he is passionate (or angry, depending on your viewpoint) and he has been running for Congress non stop for 6 years.

Do you think that endorsing some other Republican would have been an easier 'token Republican' endorsement (if such a thing exists for the DC) for the paper to swallow than Kuhl?

I doubt endorsements do much but it's an interesting argument,especially coming for a paper that isn't often friendly toward Republicans, including Kuhl.

Does this indicate anything? Or is it just a bump in the road toward a Democratic gain in the 29th?

If the D&C thought Massa doesn't wear well, then they could have stated that. The reason we're left guessing about the "real reason" is that the reasons provided were so weak and contradictory. This is par for the course for a D&C editorial, unfortunately.

I can't speak for everyone in Monroe County, but I don't think the D&C endorsements are taken very seriously. I suspect the same is true for the Elmira Star-Gazette (and it wouldn't shock me if they reversed themselves and endorsed Massa). The paper to keep an eye on is the Corning Leader.

I'll be surprised if The Leader goes for Massa.

Those of us of who have had the misfortune of having randy Randy as their voice in Albany long before he went to Washington know what a moral degenerate he is, and how unsuited he is to represent us. Examples:
* His history of drunkenness
* The episode with the loaded shotguns drawn on his now ex-wife
* His frequenting of topless bars in the Southern Tier
* His womanizing - a friend of mine was propositioned by rand Randy.

I feel that randy Randy Kuhl is another Congressional sex scandal waiting to happen