Evening News: Profiles, Pushback and Randy's Location

The Wellsville Daily Reporter has profiles of Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa.

Roll Call has an article where a Republican strategist is quoted saying that the 29th is the best chance for a Republican win in New York.

According to the Kuhl campaign, Randy's at an Independence Party fundraiser in Rochester tonight.


Wow---if Randy Kuhl is at an INDEPENDENCE PARTY rally in Monroe, I wonder if that means (or if any of them would care) that he has decided to break ranks with the Republican hack-bosses down in Steuben County and endorse the primary-elected INDEPENDENT candidate in the hotly contested Sherrif's race (David Cole). This raace is shaking things up next door and I predict plenty of ticket-splitting to support the Independent-Conservative. Pausing to ticket-split can only help, I would think, Massa. Steuben folks seem fed up with the GOP brass for expecting them to act like "robots" and vote automatically and without question for the fellow who won the Republican primary with 33 per cent of the vote.