Five Days and the Alarm Clock Rings

WETM has answered the "where's Randy?" question once and for all. Today, he's taping an episode of the Southern Tier political program Coleman and Company. Tomorrow, he's handing out trick-or-treat candy in Corning, and he'll be canvassing door-to-door in Elmira on Sunday.

Conspicuously absent from Kuhl's schedule is a major event like Massa's well-covered Hillary Clinton rally yesterday. The AP reports that Rudy Giuliani was campaigning in the Albany area in support of the Republican candidate in NY-20 yesterday. If Rudy showed up on Rochester for a rally supporting Randy Kuhl, Chris Lee and Dale Sweetland, it would get the kind of coverage that Hillary got yesterday.

Massa will be in Ontario and Monroe counties today, with the main event being a news conference with Chuck Schumer.

Though a few Republican strategists are quoted saying that the 29th is one of the more viable races in New York, and I agree with that assessment, independent analysts are still bearish on the race. Today, Larry Sabato moved the 29th to Democratic take-over status. NY-29 had been a toss-up in his last ranking.


Surprised by that Sabato move. This one isn't over, by any stretch.

Those guys don't know much more than readers of this blog don't know. That's not a egotistical statement. There's just not much more to know, unless perhaps some Democratic or Republican pollster has some newer results they whispered into someone's ear. But those are always suspect, anyway.

This one isn't over, by any stretch.

I thought you said Kuhl was up by ten points. That would make it over, no?