Morning News: Forum, Response, Suffering

Eric Massa attended a candidate forum in Watkins Glen. Randy Kuhl did not attend. The Massa campaign has a press release out noting that Kuhl was having a press conference while the forum was taking place, but that's not reported in the S-G story.

Massa also has a candidate response to the Democrat and Chronicle's endorsement published in today's issue.

Sean Carroll at 13-WHAM notes that Kuhl made the same "suffer" comment to the D&C.

Finally, Water Buffalo Press notices that claims of record voter registration in Monroe County were incorrect.


"This majority wants to have unrest in this country and point blame at this president," Kuhl said…

1) Who, in their right mind, wants unrest?

b) Where exactly should the blame lie—except that it should be spread over the entire administration, that is?

I'm tempted to say something involving the term douchebag, but will bite my tongue instead.