Morning News: Money and Race Backgrounder

The New York Times reports that NY-29 and NY-26 are the only races where the NRCC is spending money in New York.

The Ithaca Journal has a race backgrounder by Larry Wilson of the Star-Gazette.


The only positive for Massa that I see in the Ithaca Journal article is the assurance that he is intense but not angry. Randy is a good, smart, caring and effective politician and Massa, who is lucky to wake up each morning, really wants Randy's job. Fair and balanced.

It's strange that one, arguably more conservative paper (the Leader) sees Massa's independence as a strength, while the S-G, which is probably less conservative, sees it as a deficit.

both bob novak and have the seat as a democratic pickup.

Novak was saying it was a pickup in 2006 also, if I recall correctly. That said, I agree that the environment is worse for Kuhl this year.