Nada from the DCCC

The Swing State Project has a report in the new ad buy in NY-26. The DCCC is dropping $168K on ads in that district. (via The Albany Project)

According to Swing State's tally, the DCCC has spent less than $10K in the 29th.


So...wouldn't this be another clear signal that the 29th likely is to continue in the GOP column? Pundits who like this stuff, like myself too, keep calling this race close but has anyone done/seen any reliable polling? There was talk of an eventual ten point margin of Randy over Mr. Massa and it still could be.

In 2006, the 29th race was closer than other races where the DCCC poured in tons of money. It's just as likely that the DCCC's method for allocating cash is flawed.

The last reliable poll was taken in November, 2006 and showed a 3% difference. Turnout in November, 2008 will probably be much higher (as it was in 2004), so there's no way to tell where we are in this race. The only "talk" I've seen about 10 points is yours and Randy Kuhl's pollster, who released a jiggered poll taken in January. Nagahappen.