The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released a new ad, embedded below:


So I guess the new DCCC strategy is to just tell out right lies about kuhl. Kuhl wasn't in congress when Slick Willie signed NAFTA into law so to eqaute any job loss in NY to Kuhl or Bush is simply a lie.

Yep, that's a typical deception in political ads. They always have to gild the lily: wasn't it enough to point out that he voted for every free trade agreement that came down the pike?

You think CAFTA will not cause job loss to NYS, well think again. And Randy was not around then because he was finishing up his time to collect his pension and lifetime free health insurance from NYS. Now he is trying for the federal bennies!

CAFTA might well cause job loss.

But putting 50,000 NAFTA jobs up as the number of jobs lost by Kuhl is an exaggeration, and unnecessary.

General rule: Don't undermine your big message with little exaggerations.