New Kuhl Poll: Kuhl Ahead by 10 Points

Reader Tom sends today's Corning Leader story [gif] about Randy Kuhl's new poll, which shows Kuhl leading by 10 points. The poll has a small sample size (300 voters), and the Leader story doesn't indicate when the poll was in the field.

Kuhl's poll contradicts last week's findings by two independent pollsters, who found that Kuhl was behind by 6-7 points.


This is a weird poll. I don't see how Kuhl is up by ten while McCain is only up by two. It's hard for me to believe that Kuhl would be doing better than McCain (my guess is that their numbers will be in the same ballpark, with Kuhl perhaps doing 2-5 points worse than McCain).

The Dkos/R2000 poll had Obama up by 2 (also in the MoE), with Massa ahead. That makes more sense to me.

Kuhl bought a poll with a flawed sample and a skewed number of republicans... end of story. They probably just needed a receipt somewhere in the press saying they're ahead for fundraising.

I assume that all partisan polls are just a way of trying to drum up money.

well, don't forget...I did predict--weeks ago--that Randy could emerge from this by ten points! (That was before the economic crisis and the Steuben County sherrif's primary fracas, though).

I'm sure you won't let us forget that.

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