New Massa Ad: Kuhl Wants to Cut Medicare

The latest Massa ad is embedded below:



I saw the Kuhl ad that says that Massa wants to give free health care to Illegals. I'm glad that Eric is fighting back.

There's no evidence that fear-mongering about illegal aliens moves voters. Remember what happened in the Republican presidential primary -- the two immigrant-bashers (Giuliani and Romney) went down in flamers while the two who were more responsible (McCain and Huckabee) beat expectations. And that was in a Republican primary, where xenophobia is most certainly more rampant than in the general public.

This is a country of immigrants and, in the end, despite all the screaming you hear from talk radio, most Americans can't get that excited about denying health care to illegal aliens.

This isn't much of a factor in the 29th race, but polls are showing that Hispanics have flipped from majority Republican to majority Democratic in their 2008 voting preferences. That's all that immigrant-bashing has accomplished.