News: Rolfe Bails on Massa, Kuhl's Campaigning

Reader Elmer sends Bob Rolfe's Column [pdf] where Rolfe, a long-time Massa supporter, expresses his concerns about Massa's position on the bailout.

The Olean Times-Herald covers Randy Kuhl's visit to a high school class in Little Valley. WENY has a story about Kuhl's appearance at the opening of Republican headquarters in Elmira.


I haven't exactly kept up with what Rolfe has been saying on this issue, but man, he makes absolutely no sense at all in this article. I mean, for a start, you spend four years supporting one candidate and one issue derails your entire sense of sovereignty? Really? He's just going to sit the whole thing out - yes, I know, just the 29th, but still. Childish.

But beyond that, what exactly is his position on the bailout? A bit of illumination of your own position goes a long way towards informing your readers. I grant that I don't see why Massa should remain opposed to the bailout. I've not heard his position on the issue. But this article is just confused.

I think Rolfe's position is that we need it to save our financial markets. He had a column to that effect recently.

I agree that not voting seems like a pretty major response to not liking a candidate's position on one issue. At some point, you decide which candidate best represents your views and vote for that guy -- it's never a 1:1 match between your views and a candidate's.

BTW -- Massa's position is opposition because Paulson was a solo actor (he preferred an entity like the RTC) and because he wanted it coupled with more stringent regulation.

Its funny because my gut reaction is to not support anyone who supports this bailout, Republican or Democrat.

I understand that the bailout bill is a mess, the changes to the bill were awful, Paulson has too much power, and buying assets is a roundabout way to fix the mess.

But the credit markets are frozen, part of the problem is lack of bank capital, and the bailout will put some capital into banks. Hopefully, Paulson will just buy preferred stock from the banks, and the taxpayers may do OK on that deal.

My gut has indigestion on the whole thing....

Rolfe will vote for Massa - sounds like he was just a teeny bit upset